Freshagenda food market consulting
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Specialist food sector analysts

Freshagenda is a team of specialist analysts and consultants with deep experience in specific food sectors and themes

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Dairy analysis

In volatile global dairy markets, we help clients understand the fundamental drivers of value in commodity value chains and provide tools to navigate and assess opportunities and risks in the outlook.

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Deep-dive analyses

We regularly undertake projects based on customised briefs to support investment decisions, due diligence or other detailed research requirements into agrifood sectors.

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We undertake a range of consulting assignments to assist clients in development and implementation of strategy, in making critical investment decisions and address customised research requirements

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Commodity Milk Value

What is milk worth? Learn more about what affects the Commodity Milk Value

Global Dairy Directions

A continuous, rolling outlook for the global dairy market – short & long term

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Freshagenda's Outlook Blog

Watch our weekly updates on global dairy markets based on analysis from our Global Dairy Directions platforms with the latest available data updates.  

Spot Commodity Milk Value

Freshagenda’s spot commodity milk value (CMV) is updated weekly. It is an estimate of milk value based on weekly spot prices for key commodities and the average industry product mix.

News & Updates

Freshagenda director Joanne Bills discusses the latest Australian dairy industry  developments and ponders the question “Why is milk production not growing?”

Don’t miss out on our funniest moments from our weekly outlook blogs – watch our Blooper Reel!

Our Dairy Trade Simulator now contains a COVID-19 dashboard that allows scenarios for the moving parts impacted by major lockdowns to be quickly built and evaluated.

Freshagenda has developed the Milk Value Portal for Australian Dairy Products Federation to improve the understanding of farmgate milk prices in the Australian.

Listen to Steve Spencer talking to John Droppert of Dairy Australia on the effects of COVID-19

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