Custom Analyses

Freshagenda provide customised insights and analysis to assist clients understand markets and supply chains, to support specific research requirements and policy considerations.

The range of customised insights and analysis we deliver includes:

Value Chain Analysis

We offer a “whole-of-chain” perspective to map value chains in the food industry in terms of the structure of sectors from farm to consumer, articulating the volume of products flowing through each, and the dynamics and pressure points affecting each. This enables the overall reconciliation of production and consumption in all market channels; as well as assess comparative market setting and value drivers, and scope for extracting better returns beyond farmgate.

Food Pricing

We have significant experience in explaining the dynamics affecting food pricing along supply chains and interpreting the dynamics affecting value capture across agrifood categories – such as meat, dairy, horticulture, grains and oilseeds, and processed foods.

Key features include:

  • Mapping the drivers of volume and value along agrifood supply chains and key cost drivers
  • Accessing credible, like-for-like data on price points along supply chains
  • Assessing relationships between retail and farmgate prices – analysing impact of trade, consumer preferences, retailer strategies, cost structures and supply chain structures
  • Assessing the relative transparency of pricing information for participants
  • Benchmarking comparable farmgate and manufacturing pricing in specific commodity sectors, using customised tools

Tailored Research

We undertake customised research assignments in:

  • Understanding food market trends and their implications
  • Understanding food category size, trends, supply chain dynamics and future prospects
  • Assessing impacts of change in category performance (value, growth etc) over time
  • Assessing future demand for, and current trends in, innovation across agrifood value chains

More detail on our analysis capability is provided in Case Studies