What is the Global Dairy Directions?

  • A continuous, rolling outlook for the global dairy market – in the short and long term; 
  • A framework of analysis that provides a holistic view of the total market, as well as in key production and market regions;
  • A comprehensive modelling platform which allows users to readily assess the sensitivity of the outlook to change, and to create and test future scenarios;
  • An efficient and convenient resource designed to support and inform risk management, planning & budgeting, and in-house analysis;
  • A platform that provides robust indicators of market tension, projected commodity values, and trends in supply and demand

Users can participate in the platform in a number of different ways, depending on their requirements and resources.

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A comprehensive data resource that provides analysis of dairy supply chains

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What the GDD Provides

The Global Directions platform is a comprehensive platform of analysis of global dairy markets, with a primary focus on looking forward – not at what just happened.  The outputs from the platform include:

  • Projected commodity values based on established market fundamentals – providing information on commodity groups in Oceania, EU and US regions;
  • A measure of relative market tension over time – which has been shown to be a reliable forward indicator of spot prices ;
  • An assessment of “hot items” and their effect that are anticipated to significantly impact market balance;
  • The sensitivity of “what-if” changes in the outlook – volume and value – due to variation in supply and demand factors;
  • Development of forward scenarios that combine a number of changing variables; and
  • Insights and trends in historical dairy trade across commodities and market regions

Why use the GDD?


  • Packaged, cost-effective data and insights
  • Data sets are aligned and ready-to-use
  • A prompt, frequent update of a global outlook
  • Serving a range of business needs
  • A process that enables systemized analysis and the capture/use of business intel

These lead to:

  • Better use of analyst time – thinking rather than gathering and punching data
  • Quicker, better-informed assessments of market conditions


  • Many take-out indicators relevant to volume and value
  • Packages a sea of data into a readily accessible holistic view
  • Impacts of change and key trends over time
  • Processes for dynamic scenario-building
  • A platform that preserves the confidentiality of the “user view” of outlook parameters – not simply the expert’s opinion