DTS model options

The analysis platform is underpinned by our unique and comprehensive Dairy Trade Simulator (DTS), which allows dynamic modelling of the global dairy market outlook

What does the DTS platform contain?

Freshagenda’s Dairy Trade Simulator platform is available to clients in one of three different versions; Insights, Navigator and Full Simulator. The different functional features of these tools, which are updated daily by our cloud server, are summarised on the right.

Full Simulator

This is a comprehensive modelling, data and simulation tool with full scope to vary assumptions, scenario modelling and trade analysis.

It supports short-term and long-term global dairy market analysis


This is a “lite” version of the above simulation tool which allows variation of only the major parameters affecting the market outlook, less-detailed trade analysis, and ready running of “what-if” cases. It is also suited to commodity-specific needs of users.


This is a simpler version of the above tools, with the same analysis approach and model structure, without scope for user variation of assumptions.

It also provides a convenient database containing up-to-date historical and projected production, trade and balance sheet data across dairy commodities, key producing and market regions

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Insights Navigator Simulator
Key outlook indicators
Daily data updates
Projected fundamental values (PFVs)
Commodity dashboards
Balance sheets (by exporter/commodity)
Trade data analysis (regional)
Visibility of PFV workings
"What if" impacts of major drivers (on PFVs)
Specific commodity focus
Lighter versions for corporate users
Full variability of projection assumptions
Custom reporting
Data requests/support
Trade data query functions (country)
Scenario development tools