Project and Analysis Reports

We map the dimensions of sustainability, and the demands of communities and consumers, on production, processing and marketing of food.

Food Pricing Study

We completed a major study for Australian Government into the factors determining the pricing of food through Australian agrifood supply chains in meat proteins, dairy, horticulture, grains and oilseeds, and processed foods.

The work has assessed the impact of trade, consumer preferences, retailer strategies, cost structures and supply chain dynamics to assess the relationships between retail and farmgate prices. Specific categories and products have been analysed. The work was completed in mid-2015 and published in March 2016.

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Growing the NSW Dairy Industry

This report “Growing the NSW Dairy Industry” was commissioned by NSW Government Trade & Investment. It was conceived to provide NSW dairy industry stakeholders and interested parties with a detailed analysis of potential opportunities on farm or in the dairy industry supply chain. The report aims to identify opportunities for NSW dairy farmers that will enhance their resilience through market options and the identification of unnecessary business impediments.

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This report considers the whole food supply chain, from production to processing, imports to exports, to the retail and food service sectors.

FOODmap examines the way our food supply chain is evolving—including the way consumer demands have changed since the global economic situation of 2008—and will help the Australian Government to continue to support the competitiveness and productivity of the wider food industry.

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Horizons 2020

This project was commissioned by Dairy Australia and the Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation to provide medium to long term priorities.

One of the key aims of the work is to assist “raising the sights” above shortterm preoccupations and distractions which have affected industry priorities in recent years. It has been undertaken at a time when the Australian industry has been through a long period of flat production and is now at a crossroad – with a growing world market for dairy, yet declining certainty of dairy farmers as to their future involvement.

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Northern Dairy Industry: Regional Industry Outlook

This information package has been prepared as an initiative of the Northern Dairy Industry Strategic Plan, facilitated by the Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO), on behalf of the Northern Dairy Industry, to improve the awareness of the situation and outlook facing the regional dairy supply chain.

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Optimising Farmgate Returns from the Market

The document provides the following analysis:

  • What will influence the dairy value chain and global and domestic dairy markets in the future
  • What milk producers can influence and how;
  • Alternate pricing options and “business models” that are available to Australian milk producers and the pressures being applied to those in future;

And much more…

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