Australian Dairy Insights platform

The Australian Dairy Insights Platform extends our global market analysis capability into the Australian domestic dairy market. The platform provides a framework to monitor:

  • Milk production trends (by company, region and end use)
  • Farmgate milk pricing analysis
  • Milk use based on manufacturing requirements according to a mass-balance analysis of available of milk solids
  • The influence of global commodity prices and fundamentals affecting the outlook for commodity markets
  • Wholesale cream and skim milk concentrate pricing
  • Australian import and export trends
  • Retail and food service trends

The Dairy Products Monthly report monitors relevant trends and their implication for product and milk values.

Our platform offers optional access to our website portal that tracks relevant pricing series as well as supply and demand factors.

It also offers optional access to interactive tools that are used to derive some of the key insights which are updated through our cloud database facilities.

Dairy Products Monthly

This product provides a monthly analysis of the factors affecting the fundamentals of domestic dairy products markets in Australia.

It provides a comprehensive summary of :

  • Trends in and outlooks for domestic wholesale prices of dairy products and commodities
  • Trends in pricing of raw milk and liquids (cream, skim milk concentrate)
  • Movements in Oceania and Australian commodity milk values
  • The extent of influence of relevant global and regional price benchmarks on domestic prices
  • Conditions observed in domestic retail category and food service sectors
  • Trends in international trade (imports and exports) relevant to Australian markets

The product is available through a subscription service. Please contact us here if you would like to know more.


The Big Milk Implosion

The significant decline in Australia’s milk production in recent seasons will continue to cause major changes in major southern manufacturing regions as to how milk is used, valued and priced. The drivers of this decline through dairy farm exits and herd reductions are complex, with no readily apparent solutions to stem or consolidate the losses, and little likelihood that the trend can be quickly reversed. The expected fall in the 2022/23 season threatens to take Australia’s milk production back to the level last seen in 1994.

There are many implications of this over time that are explored in a discussion paper that can be downloaded here. Our domestic insights platform will continue to monitor the changes that are being wrung through this period and what they mean for the industry’s participants.