DTS Platform

Freshagenda’s Dairy Trade Simulator (DTS) platform is a comprehensive data resource that provides analysis of global dairy supply chains from milk production to wholesale markets.

How It Works

The platform is updated continuously through a cloud-server with supply chain and trade data as well as Freshagenda’s forward assumptions. The platform is refreshed when new data and assumption parameters are available.

The platform underpins our GDD analysis package and is available in three different options.

Advantages of the Dairy Trade Simulator platform to users:

  1. Up-to-date factual base drawing production, consumption and trade data from a wide range of sources through our cloud-fed database;
  2. Updates with the latest available data as trends and indicators emerge, providing a continuous, rolling short-term outlook;
  3. Enables users to readily understand the relative importance of big influencers on the global market balance over time;
  4. Allows rapid assessment of the sensitivity of the trade balance to movements in the key variables;
  5. Provides a wide range of outputs, analysis of trends in production, demand and trade as well as indicators of market fundamentals and drivers of product value;
  6. Available in three different versions; with functionality and data resources that vary, depending on user needs and resources.
Dairy Trade SImulator Freshagenda