There are a number of components of our product offering available to users or subscribers, including our Dairy Trade Simulator.

To see which options might best suit your needs, the table below which provides some further guidance.

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Analysis Products

Our analysis reports are issued monthly covering Freshagenda’s market outlook and analysis of global dairy trade

Quarterly Outlook

Mar / Jun / Sep / Dec (45-50 pages)

The quarterly report provides a comprehensive summary of the short-term outlook for the world dairy market in overall terms and by major commodity. It provides analysis of “hot items” most important in the outlook as well as the sensitivity of product values to changes in our assumptions.

September 2019


(12-14 pages)

This is a monthly newsletter which provides an update of our outlook, focusing on what’s moving, key developments and changes from our previous outlook. This is issued in months between the quarterly reports.

February 2019

Trade Insights

(12-14 pages)

This is a monthly summary of latest actual trade data, with analysis of the total market, trends in export and import markets and any other interesting country-level insights.

March 2019

Annual Trade Insights

(30-35 pages)

An annual summary of actual trade data reported by customs agencies for the year, in terms of the shipments of dairy commodities by the top 12 major exporters. The analysis is extracted from our DTS, expressed in tonnage and milk solids equivalents.

Annual Insights 2018

DTS Platform

The analysis platform is underpinned by our unique and comprehensive Dairy Trade Simulator (DTS), which allows dynamic modelling of the global dairy market outlook


The license of a full-featured version of the Dairy Trade Simulator which provides a comprehensive modelling, data and simulation platform to support analysis of the global dairy market in short-term and long-term horizons.


The license of a lite version of the Dairy Trade Simulator outlined above, which allows variation of the major parameters affecting the market outlook.


A cloud-based, database platform that provides detailed up-to-date historical and projected production, trade and balance sheet data across dairy commodities and key producing and market regions.


This model is an option to the DTS tools for less-involved participants, providing a conveniently packaged set of summary indicators and other relevant data presented in dashboard layouts. This is updated as data changes and connected to our cloud database.

User considerations

Below are examples of how organisations may use our products in their day-to-day business. If you would like to find out how our products fit into your organisation please contact us.

Users Needs Suggested Options
Intensive trading user
(large dairy exporter, trading house or ingredient buyer)
Market fundamentals and "what-if" analysis to support:
  • Risk management
  • Strategy and planning
  • Budgeting
  • Analysis suite;
  • Any version of the simulation platform depending on resources and analysis needs
Small to medium dairy company or organisation
(manufacturer, ingredient buyer, trader)
Market direction and risk analysis to support strategy, planning and budgeting
  • Analysis suite;
  • Dairy Trade Navigator or Insights tools
(banker, equity investor)
Market direction and risk analysis
  • Quarterly outlook
  • Trade insights
  • Longview Report and Longview DTS
Corporate strategy
(dairy companies, banks, investment funds, lobby organisation, equity investors)
Market direction and risk analysis, strategy and planning and “what-if” analysis
  • Longview Report and DTS Model
  • Dairy Trade Insights tool
(large/corporate dairy farmer; farmer lobby organisations)
Market direction and milk price risk analysis
  • Milk Market Outlook