What we’re seeing this year!


Please enjoy our blooper reel with our funniest outtakes from 2021!

Thank you to our viewers for being with us in yet another year that wasn’t quite like any other.

We will be back with more Freshagenda insights in 2022 – until then stay safe and have a happy holiday season and New Year.

Chart of the week 

GDT stumbles in final 2021 event with a fall in WMP prices sufficient to pull the event index 1.5% lower this time, the first fall since the first event of August.

SMP gained just US$24/t on average to US$3,745/t the 10th average price gain in this rally. Fonterra MH C2 gained US$20/t to US$3,695/t, giving a firmer forward curve above US$3,800/t for C5. The discount for NZ product against EU SMP was slightly lower than the last event, Arla product adding US$4/t on average to US$3,770/t.

Weaker demand from outside Chinese caused WMP to lose US$141/t or 3.5% on average to US$3,867/t, with consistent losses across contracts. Fonterra Regular C2 lost US$125/t to US$3,835/t.

There were small increases in fat prices. Butter added 1.0% or US$607/t on average to US$5,851/t, with consistent gains across all contracts. C2 added US$60/t to US$5,835/t for the 6th consecutive price gain. AMF gains were similar, adding US$56/t or 0.8% on average to US$6,724/t, posting inconsistent changes, leaving weaker prices for later deliveries. C2 added US$61/t to US$6,762/t.

Cheddar results were again mixed with a US$21/t gain to average US$5,241/t. NZ young cheddar C2 added US$5/t to end at US$5,265/t.